Illuminated Backlit Signs

The amazing halo effect would make the 3D metal signs appear to “float” on the wall, it’s so special, beautiful and eye-catching. It is also called as LED halo lit signs or LED reverse channel sign, it’s individual and 3D, only the back-panel is lighted. The acrylic back-panel is in the fabricated metal signs shell, used to get the uniform lighting. The lighting must be reflected by the backing wall before it can be seen by people. Considering the reflectivity of the wall, the brightness of this model is good but poorer than the luxury model. Although the halo effect is still very beautiful. These types of signs must be off the wall, we recommend the common model off the wall about from 1" to 2.5" max. The letters are fabricated from aluminum, stainless steel, and also solid acrylic.

It is one of the most common LED illuminated signs, be widely used exterior and interior, include:

Businesses: bar, store, hotel, restaurant, hair salon, SPA, dental clinic, and law firm, etc.

Organization: hospital, school, library, museum, and church, etc.

Indoor: Office, lobby, reception, and restroom, etc.

Outdoor: Building, wall, storefront, and house, etc.

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