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We take pride in making sure our clients are fully satisfied with the services we provide. Below are a few of our testimonials from our clients.

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" We used SignAd for our first sign 23 years ago and continue to use them today. Great service and signs that bring results! "

Jack Peveri, Owner
Jack & Giulio's Italian Restaurant

​“ From design to installation, SignAd has worked for us several times, in multiple locations, and in each case provided outstanding quality, service, and efficiency. Their personalized approach and attention to detail provide a turnkey solution for our varied signage needs. ”

Joel Montminy
President & CEO, CREO Group, LLC

" You can not find a more honest and more professional sign maker than Frank Muchnik who build SignAd corps from scratch in 1980 with no social media nor texting. His company is producing the highest quality signage in a timely manner, personal service, budget whether it is a large pylon sign, poll sign or any small interior exterior signs, any type of sign service they always pay very personal attention. I would recommend SignAd for any size sign project. Or you will miss on best sign service ever..."

Brett Feuerstein, Vice President
Mesa Shopping Centers

​" I have worked with many sign makers and companies over the years, but I must say that your work, your attention to details, your prompt turnaround time and your desire to make your customers happy is unmatched in your industry, SignAd is simply the best…Continue on the same path, SignAd Corp!!! "

Robert Little, Senior Vice President
Kilroy Realty

" SignAd is simply the very best. Reliable, trustworthy and quality...three words that best describe Frank & Esfira Muchnik of SignAd Corp" I have known them since 1995. SignAd has been the primary provider of signs creation and installation for the San Diego Padres. The quality of workmanship, the timely completion of projects and the willingness to react immediately when emergencies occur are reasons why I highly recommend SignAd Corp for sign jobs of any size. Frank Muchnik epitomized the business owner who will do almost anything to keep his client happy and satisfied. Please accept my high praise and overwhelming endorsement of Frank Muchnik and Sign AD Corp… ”

Mike Dee, CEO
San Diego Padres

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